The Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand will allow you to visit as a tourist, to go for a holiday or to see family and friends in Australia for up to three months at a time. do not use this to take your Thai fiancee or Thai wife back to Australia on this type of visa. Always use the proper visa for this such as an Australian Spouse visa for a Thai or an Australian Fiancee visa for your fiancee.

Australia Tourist Visa in Thailand

Basic Requirement are as follows:

  • Current and previous passport with all immigration stamps
  • Travel history is also a basis for visa issuance
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Proof of ties in Thailand
  • Also proof of Employment – Evidence such as: Employment certificate, salary slips, annual leave approved letter
  • Proof of business if self-employed – Company documents/ tax papers
  • Financial status
  • Bank Statement for last 6 months showing your savings and income from employment
  • Bank guarantee letter
  • If self-employed, business accounts
  • Copy of property/ asset belonging to applicant’s name in Thailand
  • Proof of Accommodation

If receiving any financial support from sponsor. Provide evidence such as receipt of money support (mode of transfers) or credit advice obtain from the bank (if transfer by bank from abroad). If through accommodation, letter of accommodation and proof of such will be required also, evidence of relationship with sponsor. The Australian tourist visa in Thailand is not that difficult to obtain.

Tourist Visa Restrictions

The applicant is only required to stay within the visa validity and should not be more than 90 days from each entry. Strictly employment is prohibited or any other business related transactions. Extension of stay will be noted on the visa issuance and should be given importance as restricted. If there are any intentions in getting married or further stay in Australia, specific visa shall be applied for from the country of residence.

Tips on Tourist Visa Applications

There are numerous list of documents required. However, one must carefully make sure that documentations relating to their status in their country of residence holds. This as being a very important impact on the application. It is necessary to prove that you are returning back in Thailand after your preferred visit. This so that no intention to migrate, extend your stay or even overstay in Australia.

Finally circumstances would also differ, and will be evaluated strictly, as to your stability, or if sponsored, both of your personal abilities for the visa application.

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