This is the Australian Fiancée visa for Thai. An Australian Fiancée visa applied for in Thailand allows any non-Australian fiancées of Australian citizens to live with their partners in Australia. The visa holder is allowed to stay in Australia for a span of 9 months and adjust their visas after getting married. Marriage should take place within the said 9 months period. Lets see what this Australian visa is all about.

Australian Fiancée visa for Thai

Requirements to become a valid sponsor to a Thai fiancée for Australia:

  • Firstly must be an Australian citizen
  • Secondly must be a permanent resident of Australia or eligible citizen of New Zealand
  • Thirdly must be 18 years old
  • Fourthly must have met or known your fiancée personally
  • Finally must have the freedom to marry

Requirements for applying an Australian Fiancée Visa:

  • Firstly must be 18 years old or older, otherwise parental consent is needed
  • Also must have the freedom to marry
  • Must pass a character check, no criminal record
  • As well as a must pass a health check
  • Finally must have met or known your sponsor personally

There are also some specific requirements in applying for this type of visa. These are the following:

Evidence of relationship is needed to prove that the relationship is real and on-going, and that both the sponsor and applicant are planning to be wed. The applicant is advised to keep every evidence that proves the relationship, from photos together, email exchange, money transfer receipts, air tickets and etc.

Evidence of sufficient funds and accommodation is also required from the sponsor, to prove that he is capable of accommodating and supporting the fiancée when she comes to Australia. It is an important requirement that Sponsor is financially stable.

The documents needed from the Australian Fiancée Visa applicant from Thailand are most likely as follows:

  • Duly filled-out application forms
  • Current, valid passport or travel document
  • Photos, Visa fee
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Also proof of accommodation
  • Proof of stable employment
  • Proof of the date and venue of the marriage

Avoiding stress and hassle on visa applications? Firstly it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand. Secondly ensure that you have collected all the correct documents. Finally, move your Thai fiancée to Australia.