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Criminal Record Check

If you are going to apply for a UK fiancée visa or a UK spouse visa then you will need to obtain a criminal record clearance from Special Branch Police in Bangkok. The same goes for the US fiancée visa, US spouse visa as well as an Australian fiancée visa. You can search this website for more information on foreign visas in Thailand.

Thai Criminal Record Check

This is usually part of the visa application process for a foreign visa. It is best to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance with regards to to the criminal record check.

The Special Branch Police has to issue your Thai fiancée or Thai wife with a police clearance certificate. She will need to have the following documents for the certificate:

  • Your Thai wife/fiancée passport
  • Your Thai wife/fiancée National ID card
  • Your Thai wife/fiancée name/surname change certificate
  • Your Thai wife/fiancée house registration certificate (Tabian Baan)
  • Your Thai wife/fiancée marriage/divorce certificate
  • Your Thai wife/fiancée military certificate if she was in the military

If your Thai wife or Thai fiancée had been found guilty of a crime then you will need to seek legal advice. The Home Office and the US Immigration will overlook certain offences such as those that had been committed as a child. Crimes such as shoplifting as a child may be overlooked. You will need to seek legal advice on this.