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Grounds for refusal of a UK Visa

UK visa denial in Thailand can be difficult. This has always been a big concern to many. There will never be an assurance whether a visa is approved or would end up with a refusal. And by knowing the reasons on why an application be refused, would ensure that you are able to provide sufficient documentations in support of your visa application.

Grounds for refusal of a UK Visa

Guide for a successful visa application

–          Incomplete paperwork

Submission of all necessary documents relating to the type of category you are applying for is a must. This would mean, all evidence that would support your application.

Grounds for refusal of a UK VisaIf applying for a UK Tourist visa, it is important to prove that you are financially stable. Showing proof of savings would be ideal and if sponsored, you must prove as well the financial stability of your UK sponsor. This is one way or another their means to make sure that you will not seek any government assistance once in the UK and that you have a place to stay in the UK. Your proof of strong ties would also be an issue and by providing evidence of employment, proof of assets or any properties would be essential. If under settlement visa application, fiancée or spouse visa application, the main concern would be from your UK sponsor wherein evidence of relationship, proof of accommodation, means of support and financial constancy be evaluated. A missing document is usually one of the reasons for a visa refusal. Your claims would be evaluated based on the submitted documents. Unable to provide sufficient documents will question the entire application that would lead to a denied visa application.

–          Improper filling out of the form

There are instances that we have filled out the form incorrectly, and have provided wrong information or unsure details. These when checked would lead to questioning. It is always advised to provide a detailed information and sure answers only in the application. All the questions must be answered consistently and honestly.

–          Misinformation

It is important to read and double check all items required in the application. And consistency on what has been stated and declared is necessary. Misleading details will result for it to be evaluated as misrepresentation and that you may be banned from applying if found as guilty.

–          Presentation of the documents

The order of the visa application documents is very important. By classifying items and highlighting to particular category would make an application more straightforward and easily assessed.

–          Sufficient proof of funds or financial support

There is no standard amount of savings required for UK tourist visa application. But it is important to be able to show enough amount of money in your savings that would cover the cost for your entire stay in the UK. If sponsored, evidence of sufficient monetary in cash or savings or in other means must be proved and provided.

Evidence of existing relationship. Whether applying from a sponsored UK tourist visa or settlement visa, proof of your relationship is a must. See also UK spouse visa issues. Note a further explanation about a UK visa denial in Thailand and what you will need to know about the process.