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Islamic Marriage in Thailand

Thailand has been considered as a place for Muslim marriage. Regardless of being a Buddhist country, it accommodates all other religious marriages. One can arrange easily for an Islamic Wedding in Thailand after all the required documents are gathered. It is very important that before traveling to Thailand, you have checked which documents you would need to proceed with your Muslim marriage.

For Thai nationals who are Muslim by birth and getting married, a letter of consent from the parents will be needed by the Imam before the marriage takes place. If a Muslim is marrying a Non-Muslim, an arrangement with the Islamic Center in Bangkok is needed to conduct a process of conversion. An advance appointment should be made with the Islamic Center due to their hectic schedules, as it is not always easy to make an Imam come out for your ceremony, it requires proper coordination. The process includes having your Non-Muslim fiancée affirm that he or she believes in one God through the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed.

After the conversion is completed, the marrying couple can now make arrangements for a traditional wedding. Once all the documents have been completed, you will need them to be translated into Thai and certified. The Thai Foreign Affairs office will be in charge of the verification of all your documents.

The verified documents will be taken to your embassies for authentication if required. You may hire the services of a lawyer in Thailand if somehow unsure about the process.

For non-Thai citizens, female party should obtain a proof that you are free to marry, may it be from the Islamic council if not an Affirmation of Marriage can be obtained from your Embassy in Thailand confirming that you can get married legally. Citizens from Muslim countries are mostly required to submit additional information to the Embassy before issuance of the letter.


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