This is about Marriage in Thailand. In Thailand, it is legal for foreigners to marry Thais or other foreign nationals. The process is quite simple. The paperwork required should be translated into Thai language and legalized in accordance to Thai law.

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in ThailandMarriage in Thailand can be performed at the local district office. For foreigners to get married in Thailand they need to acquire clearance from their country’s embassy – different countries required different procedures to obtain this clearance. This document, in general, should assert the name of the foreigner and confirmation that the person is free to marry. After obtaining those foreign documents and affidavits, everything should be translated into Thai language and legalized according to Thai law.

Marriage registration in Thailand is considered as legal under Thai laws and is recognized all over the world. For those with trans-national concerns, where one or both spouse is from another country, Thailand is considered to be a convenient location to get married. Another advantage of getting married in Thailand is the various picture-perfect locations, world class beaches where a religious ceremony can be made following the legal administrative wedding.

Prenuptial Agreements

It is recommended to hire the services of a lawyer in Thailand to supervise the whole wedding process. A law firm might help with the coordination and procurement of official documents from different embassies and have them legally translated with no trouble. Familiarity with the formalities of a Thai marriage and access to qualified translation services may reduce the likelihood of having delays in the process.

Prenuptial agreements are also allowed in Thailand. This as long as they are able to meet the requirements according to Thai law. It is advisable to have a law firm assist you with preparing of the prenuptial agreement. This including the translation of the contract to be in accordance with Thai laws. Thailand prenuptial agreements are considered as legal agreements in other jurisdictions. Though the process of litigation is unpredictable and the laws of different countries may differ. It is still safer for individuals with assets or properties to draft a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married in Thailand. See also the Thai notary public.

Securing legal assistance is the best method to make sure that your marriage carries weight in Thailand. This as well as overseas, guaranteeing compliance to Thai laws. Always take proper legal advice when it comes to Marriage in Thailand.