See what the marriage registration requirements in Thailand are. Thai marriage registration in Thailand differs resting on nationality. The marriage can be formalized with or without an Engagement Ceremony in customary manner and also in court. The engagement ceremony is a form of an agreement. This or a promise to marry which is being done at the Thai District Office. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for assistance.

Marriage Registration Requirements in Thailand

There are some requirements for both the spouses before they can register their marriage in Thailand.

– Either of the spouses should be older than 17 years of age. This or should be of legal age to be married in accordance to the law provided from your home country. However, the Court may have appropriate reason to allow them to marry prior to attaining such age.

–  Either of them should be a sensible person, rational and in the right mind.

–  Both of the spouses should not be related in blood. This whether direct ascendant or descendant line. Also, full or half blood brother or sister or anything with in the forbidden degrees of relationship.

–   Both of the spouses should not have the same adoptive parents.

–   Either of them should not have a husband, or a wife, at the time of marriage. For the woman whose marriage has become terminated or the husband died. The marriage can only occur after 310 days expiry period from the termination of marriage or such death. If not, there should be a need to provide a medical certificate stating she is not pregnant at the time of marriage.

Foreigners who plan to marry in Thailand. They should turn up in person with their passports and arrival card at their Embassy in Thailand. Then attesting that he/she is single and able to marry in line with Thai Law. Also with all the documentations shall be accomplished by a Consular Officer. See also Islamic marriage in Thailand for more perspective.

Marriage registration

Finally the marriage registration requirements in Thailand are explained in full. The foreigner should also take the finalized declaration to a translation office to have the contents translated into Thai, legalization at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and once all these completed, marriage registration shall take place. Once your marriage has been registered you can now apply for a UK Spouse visa from Bangkok or a US Spouse Visa from Thailand.