Obtaining legal assistance, get a Thailand lawyer.  in most occasions, is considered a luxury. This is often attributed to the high costs of consultation fees wherein immigration lawyers may charge on an hourly or a flat rate. Another factor contributing to people being hesitant to seek legal assistance is the accessibility of common information on the internet. Almost anyone could easily obtain the information they need with a single click, and free of charge. Others are way too confident that the immigration policies are simple and easy, making legal assistance unnecessary.

Thailand Lawyer

Thailand Lawyer

However, many fail to comprehend the indirect costs of not hiring legal assistance or an immigration lawyer, which sometimes end up as far more expensive as having one. One common example would be a simple mistake which would result to a 500 Thai baht fine or imprisonment, and worse, being blacklisted in entering the Kingdom.

The importance of seeking legal assistance in Thailand can be attributed to the complexity of Thai laws and Immigration policies. In fact, Thai laws and immigration laws are considered as one of the most complicated in the whole world. This as changes take place almost every now and then, which alone justifies the need to seek professional help.

Information from the internet is not always reliable, unless these articles are written by the lawyers themselves. Despite of the seemingly fast-paced environment around the internet, websites offering help and other information are not always updated.

There are several benefits offered by immigration lawyers and Thailand law firms whom many of us do not realize, and many of these benefits revolve around convenience and comfort for the clients. Here is a short list of those benefits:

Faster processing

– Lawyers possess the technical knowledge and a more thorough understanding of how some policies operate. They could provide us with the best advice especially to those who are planning to do business or have a long-term stay in Thailand. Lawyers in Thailand can assess every situation and create appropriate solutions. Increasing the chances of approval for any application applied for by the client.

Document preparation and filing

–  This process can also be performed without the assistance of lawyers. Saying that, however, what many fail to consider is that a simple failure to enter correct information. This can be used as a grounds for denial of the application, whether done intentionally or unintentionally.

For visa applications, some visas have underlying privileges. This which are usually not recognized by the visa applicant, and as such, fail to use it. With a professional immigration lawyer in Thailand by your side, clients will be informed about the possible privileges rendered by their visas. Services of lawyers do not end inside the courtroom, but as much as it is needed


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