Need a UK Spouse Visa? For UK nationals who have registered their marriages in Thailand and wish to bring their Thai wife to the UK, a UK spouse visa can be applied for your wife. This type of visa would allow you to sponsor your wife to live permanently with you in the UK, and enable her for employment. This process of application can be done as soon as you have processed your marriage registration in the Kingdom. Note that if you are not married then a UK fiancee visa would be needed.

UK Spouse Visa

UK spouse visa requirements:

  • Both must be of legal age, 18 years and above to qualify
  • Both must be legally married

Religious marriage will not be accepted and recognized for this process

  • Both must have the intention to stay together permanently in the UK
  • The UK sponsor must have sufficient funds and financially capable for self-support in the UK
  • The UK sponsor must have met the financial requirement of not less than £ 18,600 a year

Financial requirement may be assessed on employment, business, cash savings or other income.

Firstly the amount of financial ability and documentations required from the UK sponsor would vary depending on which financial requirement one meets. And also, whether with dependents or none.

  • Thai spouse must pass the English language requirement

Firstly the spouse must undergo a language skills test (A1), and if able to provide an accredited education credential completed in the UK, this will also suffice.

UK Spouse VisaUK visa process:

  • Timeline would be 60 to 90 days the maximum on visa evaluation. Visa decision may be issued within the said timeline depending on various factors.
  • Once visa approved, the issued visa will be valid for 2 years and 9 months
  • Upon arrival in the UK, a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) will be issued and must be claimed within 10 days from the date of arrival in the UK in a specified postal office as stated.
  • Before the visa expiry, Thai spouse must apply for permission to stay in the UK permanently.

Firstly this process once approved gives may allow you for an extension to stay in the UK up to five years and possible application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR)

  • Application for UK citizenship shall follow after

Basic documents needed from the applicant – Thai spouse:

  • Valid passport

Previous passports may be required to provide history on travels

  • Thai civil documents and other proof of identity documents
  • English test certificate or UK education credential documents
  • Tuberculosis test result
  • Proof of relationship with UK sponsor

Finally you can now see the requirements of the visa for your Thai wife.