The UK tourist visa for Thai are usually granted to applicants for six months, and can be for single or multiple entries. Single entry visas allow only one entry into the UK while the multiple entry visas allow the holder to travel in and out of the UK on multiple occasions within the given period. Single entry visas are issued more quickly, especially to applicants who have not been to the UK before. However, recently, multiple entries are issued as well. The UK Tourist Visa is valid for entry into the United Kingdom before the date stated. Always remember that it is not possible to get married in the UK on a tourist visa you have to apply for a fiancee visa or marriage visa

UK Tourist Visa for Thai

The embassy will be interviewing the applicant and will ask how long they intend to stay in the UK. In cases of visa refusal, the applicant has the right of appeal if the purpose of the visa is to see a close family member – normal tourist visa refusal has no right of appeal. Another submission shall be done on normal tourist visa application.

Principal requirements for admission to the UK:

– Applicant should genuinely be seeking entry for less than six months as tourist;

– The applicant should have the intent to go back to Thailand after the end of the visit;

– Applicant should not intend to seek employment, paid or voluntary, or produce goods or provide services for a fee;

– The applicant should not sell goods or services direct to the public during the stay in the UK;

– Applicant should not have the intent to study in the UK at publicly funded institutions;

– The applicant should be financially capable to accommodate and maintain self without needing access to public funds;

– Applicant should be able to show proof of financial capability to pay for onward travel;

The UK Tourist Visa applicant should include all documents on hand showing that you are eligible for travel to the UK as tourist. Such documents are as follows:

– Bank statements or pay slips, or any other proof that shows your capacity to pay for the whole trip and support your expenses together with your dependants while in the UK without any help from public funds;

– Proof that you plan to leave the UK at the end of the holiday;

For those visiting family and friends in the UK, you will need the following:

– Letter from sponsor, or the person you are visiting, stating your relation and the purpose of your visit; and

–  Copy of the UK passport page of sponsor. This or if not a UK citizen, proof of immigration status in the UK;

– Supporting documents as beneficial to the application

These sum up the requirements and process for the UK Tourist Visa for Thai from Thailand. See legal advice if you are not certain. 


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