This is the US visa income calculation you will need. When applying for a US Fiancée visa or a US Spouse visa then you need to have an income of 125 percent over the poverty line. Note that if you do not meet this level for your state then other income can be used. You will need to speak to a lawyer about this and do the needed calculations for you. Below are a few examples of what can be used.

US Visa Income Calculation

Household Member Income:

If someone live with you then this income can also be added to your income. If you mother has moved in with you and she is willing to sign the needed forms then her income will be added to yours. This will normally push your income over the 125 percent over the minimum poverty level for your state.

Bank Accounts:

You will need to draw a printout of your bank account to show the income and withdrawals from the bank to show how much additional money still remains in the account. Many people hold a second part time job which is not listed on their taxes and the net balance of your bank account will add additional value.

Real Estate:

You will need to show the value of your house and also show how much of the mortgage bond is left over the property. This equity will be added to the income value you have. Speak to an attorney in Thailand about calculating this for you.


Any investments you may hold can also be used. Stock and bond need to be shown to add this to your annual income. You can add a car based on its value out of the Kelly Book which shows its value.

If you are now in the US and wish to bring over your mother-in-law and you are now a family for 4 then the basic calculation would be as follows:

  • 125 percent of 2009 poverty guideline: $27,563
  • Your income: $ 19,500
  • Shortfall:  $ 8,063
  • Multiply (x 5 people): x5
  • Minimum cash in assets: $ 40,315

Note: If you are on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, and you are sponsoring your spouse or minor child, you need to have an income of 100 percent of the Federal poverty line for your household size.

Always take legal advice when you are dealing with immigration. Search this website for more information on the K3 visa as well as the K2 visa. There are also the medical exams as well as the criminal record clearance in Thailand. If you are considering a prenuptial agreement then you can also ask about this before you get married. Its more cost effective to have them done by an expatriate lawyer in Thailand than having it done at home.